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Website Training

Web~101 specialise in Website Courses, Workshops and One on One Training sessions for Beginners

WordPress Training

WEB~101 are experts at training Beginner and Experienced users how to get the most out of WordPress…

Website Consulting

We provide Consulting Services to help you optimise your website and make it as effective as possible for your business.

Website Strategy

Whether you are a Startup or established business we can help you prepare an efficient and effective Online Strategy.

Unlike many “training” services, our trainers don’t just stand there and lecture you on what you need to do… our training sessions are all Interactive and Hands On.

You  learn very little simply by watching how it is done, you will learn best by actually doing it.

We don’t typically provide training for masses of people at a time…

Our sessions are often one on one or small group (2-4 people), and even out workshops are usually limited to just 6 students.

We are usually able to customise out training to meet your specific needs….

Our One on One sessions specifically target your level of experience and training requirements, allowing us to focus on the areas which are most relevant to you.

Our Small Group and Workshop sessions are also personalised, with the content changing to suit the attendees.

Why Choose WEB~101

  • We offer Hands On, Interactive Training sessions where you Learn by Doing not by Watching
  • We Customsie our training to meet your specific needs and level of experience
  • Our Trainers all have Real Life Industry Experience, they will teach you what they have learned from many years of building websites
  • We offer One on One, Small Group, or Workshop based training, that can be provided In House, at Our Training Centre (in Brisbane) or Remotely